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Test Station Big Fink Mag Head
When installing a sacrificial magnesium anode in the ground, an Anode Test Station would be recommended to go along with it. Made using a test station head and industry approved shunt, the anode test station can assist in monitoring the current draw on the anode bed to help show the effectiveness of the anode over its designed lifespan. 
  • Built with a test station head and industry standardized test station shunt
  • Shunts available in 0.1, 0.01 and 0.001 Ohms
  • Comes with a 5-foot mounting post and a 2-foot anchoring post.
  • Analog ammeter also available to show anode bed’s current output

To be installed over top of the anode bed, the Anode Test Station helps monitor the effectiveness of the sacrificial cathodic protection system while also being an effective marker of where the anode bed was installed. A lead wire comes from the anode(s) and is attached to the shunt. From the other terminal of the shunt, a structure connection wire is connected onto the pipe or tank to complete the cathodic protection circuit. Using a True-RMS voltmeter, you can measure the voltage difference across the shunt and calculate the current being drawn from the anode bed.

When ordering the Anode Test Station, please keep in mind if you also require any sacrificial anodes, lead wire or a connection method to the pipeline or tank. 

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