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Test Station Big Fink Four Wire
A test station can assist in measuring structure-to-soil potentials when direct pipe access is not provided. When two structures with independent cathodic protection systems intersect, it is important to measure both structures for potential interference or electrical shorts. A Four-Wire Test Station will allow you to take above ground structure-to-soil potential readings while also marking the location of the intersection. 
  • Built using an industry approved test station head and four leads wires
  • Support tubing is ultraviolet protected and chemically resistant
  • Assembled with two white and two black underground rated test leads that are to be permanently attached onto the structures. 

Installed directly above the intersection of two foreign lines or above the casing of a road crossing containing a pipe, the four-wire test station can be used to take structure-to-soil potentials. Two white wires and two black wires are included so you can attach two of the same wire to the pipe, giving you a primary connection and secondary connection in case of wire failure. To get the best indication of what is going on at the pipes level, a permanent copper-copper sulfate reference electrode should be installed at the time of backfilling. When attaching the wires to the pipe a thermal weld connection should be used and any exposed area of the pipe should be re-coated with an approved coating method by the pipelines owner.  


When ordering a four-wire test station, please indicate the number of test stations required for the task. Standard lead length for the assembly is 5 meters (16 ft.) of wire, please indicate if additional lead length is required for more remote locations. 

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