Backfill Products for Cathodic Protection

The Corrpro cathodic protection catalog provides a variety of backfill products like Alcoke petroleum coke breeze to complete your cathodic protection projects. Having the right backfill products for your corrosion prevention project is essential, because it prevents direct soil contact with the anode, extending the useful life of the anode.

The type of backfill products you will need depends on the type of cathodic protection solution you plan to use. If you aren’t seeing the backfill product you need, contact the Corrpro team. We can help you find the right backfill for your corrosion prevention solution.

Corrpro has been at the forefront of cathodic protection engineering for over 35 years. A variety of industries such as oil & gas, petrochemical, municipal and marine markets trust Corrpro to provide the highest quality corrosion prevention materials throughout the United States.