High Potential Magnesium Drive-In Anode

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Designed for applications where minimal current is required, a Magnesium Drive-In Anode not only offers an economical option, but is easy to install. Requiring only a hammer and a screwdriver or hammering pin, the drive-in anode is installed within close proximity to the protected structure. The included hose clamp should be installed on the structure 10 to12 inches above ground and secured tightly. When tightened, the supplied bolt assembly would penetrate the pipe’s coating, completing the required connection to the structure.

Corrpro® certified high potential anodes are manufactured according to strict quality control standards. Each production run of high potential anodes is subject to G-97 analysis. This ensures the anodes you purchase will perform as specified. In addition, high potential anodes Corrpro supplies meet the ASTM B843 standard.

 Magnesium High Potential Alloy

The drive in Magnesium anode is ideal where minimal installation is required but cathodic protection is necessary. Using a hammer or mallet and a hammering pin, you can drive the anode directly into the soil within close proximity to the pipe. Once the anode is secure in the ground, you can terminate your connection using the included pimp band assembly. When tightening the band, a spike will pierce the coating, completing the mechanical connection required to allow the anode to work. 
To order the required anode for your structure, use our contact form and indicate that you need high potential magnesium drive-in anodes. Specify the quantity desired and the wire length & type. The anodes are shipped standard with 3 ft - #12 solid TW lead wire unless otherwise specified.

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