H-1 Cast Magnesium Aqueous Anodes

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cathodic protection materials
Applications for the use of magnesium anodes are not limited to structures buried in soil. These powerful anodes have proven to be extremely effective at combating corrosion in certain aqueous environments as well. To address these applications, Corrpro manufactures a full line of aqueous magnesium anodes using the H-1 Grade C (commonly known as H1C) alloying standard (ASTM B843 Element AZ63D).

The anodes produce an open circuit potential of negative 1.2-1.5 volts with respect to Cu/CuSo4, and are cast into circular, rectangular, square and teardrop shapes. Mounting designs on Corrpro's aqueous magnesium anodes were created to address a variety of installation possibilities. Anodes typically associated with condenser applications are constructed with a galvanized steel pipe core for mounting on metal studs. Hull-type anodes, on the other hand, are available with cast-in steel galvanized mounting straps for weld or bolt-on attachment. In addition to these options, the aqueous magnesium anodes can be supplied with a plastisol coating. By employing this special barrier, current output and direction can be controlled, which not only improves the anode's performance, but also extends its life.
Corrpro aqueous magnesium anodes have a variety of fresh and salt water applications. These include ship hulls, barges, condensers, heat exchangers, chillers, piers, pilings, lock and dam tainters and sluice gates. Because magnesium produces a high-driving potential, these types of anodes are also used for rapid polarization of structures in salt water environments.

Corrpro supplies a full line of aqueous environment magnesium anodes. To order the required anode for your structure, indicate that you need aqueous magnesium anodes, and specify the quantity desired, anode type and grade (if other than H1C), configuration type and whether they should be plastisol coated or bare. All Corrpro aqueous anodes meet H1 Grade C alloy standards unless otherwise specified.

 Standard Dimensions and Shipping Weights
Anode Type Configuration Type Nominal Dimensions in. (mm) Nominal Bare Weight 
lbs. (kg)
 "A" "B" "C"
 2R5 A 5 (127) 2 (51) - 3 (1.4)
2R5-DT A 5 (127) 2 (51) - 3 (1.5)
7.5S B 8 (203) 8 (203) 2 (51) 7.5 (3.4)
15S B 8 (203) 8 (203) 4 (102) 15 (6.8)
12W C 9 (229) 9 (299) 2 (51) 12 (5.4)
24W C 9 (229) 18 (457) 2 (51) 24 (10.9)
442 C 9 (229) 18 (457) 4 (102) 44 (20.0)

Other sizes available

Ordering Procedure Example

 Anode material  Aqueous magnesium
 (H-1 Grade C = standard)
 H-1 Grade C
 Anode type  24W
 Configuration type  C
 Bare or plastisol coating
 (bare = standard)








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